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HMS Troutbridge - Ports of Call

HMS Troutbridge's Ship Badge

Information on the actual HMS Troubridge that was in service in the Royal Navy, and which the Navy Lark's Troutbridge is based upon, can be found at David Axford's Webpage, who served aboard HMS Troubridge.

Navy Lark Appreciation Society

The Navy Lark Appreciation Society Website - has a great deal of information about the Navy Lark - including info on the two spinoff series: The TV Lark and The Embasy Lark. It also has a complete episode listing for all 15 series aswell as first transmittion dates.

British Comedy

The British Comedy Homepage - Links to all sorts of sites related to British Comedy - including The Goon Show, ITMAR, ISIRTA, Round the Horne and The KennethWilliams Appreciation Society


Serebella Old Time Radio - Links to other sites about old radio shows, all styles and from many countries